Might we have solar panels on the moon in our lifetime?

Although it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, this is something that a company based in Japan is contemplating. Japan has been relying on nuclear energy for a long time. The country believed it was a safe and environmentally friendly option. However, the Fukushima power plant disaster has forced them to reconsider their options. They now consider nuclear power to be a threat to their very existence.

How it Will Work

The Japanese plan to build a ring around the moon that is 250 miles wide. This ring will go around the entire equator of the moon. This is the place thought to receive the most amount of solar energy. However, the moon only shows one side to the earth due to rotation and relativity. For that, they also have a plan.

The company plans to build huge cables that will transmit power to the side of the moon that is in facing away from the sun. In order to transmit the power to the earth, the company will use huge microwave antennae. These will be responsible for transmitting the power to the earth. With the sun estimated to have a lifetime of about 4 billion years. This could solve all the problems of power generation that humanity is experiencing.

How Construction Will Take Place

The company does not plan to risk the life of any humans. They will use robots that will conduct all the operations. This robots’ first task will be to lay a rail network covering the entire midsection of the moon. From here, materials can be transported for this huge construction project. With recent advances in robotics and AI, this might be actually possible. After construction work begins, the robots will remain there for maintenance. For the concrete, the company claims the moon’s soil has enough minerals to allow them to create concrete and water.

Benefits of Such a Program

The moon has the potential to produce enough energy for the entire world. This would eliminate the need for resource conflicts that plague this world. The project would also end the use of fossil fuels. Currently, fumes from fossil fuel are choking the planet to death. Unless we find such radical solutions, we could end the entire planet.

Combined with the use of solar panels for home, RV-ing and camping from Talco Electronics, this could really maximize the energy we can use from the sun alone.

It does not require endangering human lives for construction. As of now, human beings put their lives at risk each time they start a new mining operation. It also eliminates the need for complex transmission means. The power can be directed to any region of the earth that requires it. This will end the lack of power in remote regions of the earth.

If this project becomes a reality, it could put an end to global warming. The project has the potential to generate 13,000 terawatts of electricity. This is more than enough to power the world in the future. However, the project will require a serious investment in how to make space travel more environmentally friendly. Space travel as of now does a lot of harm to the environment.