How the Technology of Coffee Brewing Has Changed Over Time

Coffee has come a long way from its origins in the highland of Ethiopia. A number of techniques have been developed for use in the brewing of coffee. Originally, coffee beans were just ground and boiled. This has definitely changed in the past few centuries. For one, you could expect your coffee to taste like dirt or something out of this world at the time. Simply put, there was no consistency.

The Original Espresso

This first espresso machine was a very basic contraption. It used steam technology discovered during that century. The steam would be driven into the coffee beans at high temperatures to make a quick cup of coffee. An employer who felt coffee breaks were too long paid for this technology. He wanted to shorten the time people spent waiting for a cup of coffee. Later on, it evolved into Italian espresso.

Discovery of Decaf

Most people like taking coffee. However, there are those that feel caffeine is a harmful drug. As a result, they want the flavors of coffee but without the caffeine. The discovery of how to brew coffee without caffeine was made by accident. A shipment of coffee arrived at a German port but it was soaked with seawater. When the beans were dried, they retained the flavor but had no stimulant. Germans thus proceeded to investigate on how to remove the stimulant in coffee. This led to the first commercially viable production of decaf coffee.

The Birth of Cappuccino

By using higher pressure than used in extracting espresso, an inventor was able to create a cup of cappuccino. This was a cup of coffee with a layer of cream to it. At higher pressure, it was discovered that the oils in coffee beans could be forced out for a cream cup of coffee. The discovery revolutionized the cup of coffee, especially in the US. Cappuccino was an instant hit in the country.

The Innovative Coffee Percolator

This invention revolutionized how people take their coffee. The technology allowed water to percolate through coffee at 200◦ Fahrenheit. This was contrary to the usual temperature of the boiling point of water. It forever changed how coffee was consumed in the home. Mr. Coffee, which was the evolutionary percolator, is still the most widely sold coffee maker in the world today.


One of the biggest challenges in the coffee brewing has been to create the exact cup of coffee all over the word, even in individual homes with espresso machines from retails such as Anodyne. This can only be done with smart machines. However, the end of the machine needs a taster who certifies that quality has not changed. The machine only uses software to recreate the exact conditions used to brew the first cup of coffee.

As of now, people and restaurants have the option to purchase beans that are from a particular roaster. You can then proceed to brew your own cup of coffee as you see fit. This would not have been possible without all the pioneers that contributed to the evolution of coffee brewing. People such as the founders of Starbucks have definitely helped to revolutionize coffee brewing.